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For centuries lavender has been used for culinary‚ herbal medicine and in cosmetics. It has instantly recognisable scent and ranges in colour from deepest purples through pinks and white.

Here we offer you a  good quality 'superior'  lavender flower from France with a good blue colour and depth of aroma.

Just a small amount makes a lovely calming infusion or you can use it in your cooking. We have trialled this lavender at food events and customers have given us fedback to tell us they have used as a herbal infusion and also put it to very good use in scones‚ shortbread and cakes with pleasing results. Perhaps the Great British Bake Off may have something to do with this. 

Buy 10g Trial Lavender @ £1.00
Buy 50g Lavender @ £4.00
Buy 100g Lavender @ £7.00
Buy 250g Lavender @ £16.00